A complete range of leading coatings systems available for major protective & marine and commercial/industrial projects.

Welcome to Concept Paints Australia

Commercial & Industrial Coatings Product Range

Over the years Concept Paints has gained an enviable reputation as a quality supplier of commercial paints. Not only are we successful in servicing the Automotive Refinish industry, but our success as a company can also be attributed to the diverse range of industrial and commercial products we produce for the Australian market place.

As part of our unique industrial coatings range, manufactured around quality and efficient pricing structures, we aim to offer you the consumer, a wide range of benefits which goes beyond just pricing e.g. long lasting, easy to use and apply products, supported by a comprehensive and accurate colour database library.

Concept Paints offer you a number of industrial & commercial paint technologies which include:

– 2K Polyurethane Coatings – Baking Enamels – Acrylic Lacquers – Quick Dry Enamels
– 2K Epoxy Coatings – Heavy Industrial Epoxy’s – Iso Free 2K Paints – Rapid Dry Enamels
– Vinyl Paints – News products as they become available

Concept Paints has developed a successful network of independently owned distributors across Australia, who are well qualified to assist you with all of your industrial paint type inquiries. To find out more about our commercial range of products or to locate the nearest distributor within your region, please contact Concept Paints today.