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Darby’s Paints offer only the best, professional car care products to clean the inside or outside of your vehicle & to keep it looking brand new for longer. All Darby’s Branches, Geelong, Ballarat & Shepparton stock the complete 3D Car Care range. With our help detailing your car has never been easier.

The job of a wax or sealant is to protect your paint work against rain, dirt, dust, UV rays and all of the other environmental factors that can damage it. A properly waxed or sealed car will also look amazing: glossy and shiny, it will also be easier to clean because the dirt particles will find it much harder to stick and even if they do the bind they have is much weaker because of the surface of the wax or sealant. Both Sealants and Waxes are designed to make your car look great and to provide a sacrificial layer of protection over your paint. Without this your car is going to ‘age’ quickly with dirt and debris sticking to it and worse still things like bird droppings will etch/eat into the paint because of their acidity.

3D ACA 500 X-TRA CUT COMPOUND is infused with ALPHA CERAMIC ALUMINA, a revolutionary new abrasive which has been formulated to provide high speed, low heat leveling that will correct even the most challenging clear coats and single stage paint. This precisely engineered compound delivers TRUE PAINT PERFECTION in the absolute shortest
amount of time.
ACA 500 X-TRA CUT COMPOUND is versatile and aggressive enough to correct the hardest new ceramic clear coats, and also works extremely well with soft clears. ACA 500 is waterbased, which makes it easy to use, and easy to clean-up. Works best when applied in shaded areas but is also sun friendly. It contains NO harmful solvents or OSHA regulated CRYSTALLINE
SILICA. ACA 500 X-TRA CUT COMPOUND can be perfectly paired with a WOOL pad and used with a rotary buffer or dual action polisher.

This 3D system will deliver better results without the worry of dye backs. Many compound and polish manufacturers add fillers to hide small cratches and holograms delivering a temporary acceptable appearance. With the ACA system, 3D provides a safe, water-based compound and polish that gives a TRUE PAINT CORRECTION, every time!

3D® SPEED™ is the go to, “ONE-STEP”, corrective polish and protecting wax. 3D SPEED will correct most light to moderate paint scratches with a DA or highspeed rotary polisher and your choice of 3D foam pad. 3D SPEED combines Nano compounding, super micro cutting technology to correct most paint finishes. Its durable Montan Wax will create depth in the paint for the ultimate wet-look finish. 3D SPEED works best in the shade but is sun friendly. SPEED can be applied by hand, but a DA or rotary buffer will remove scratches more effectively. Simply add 4 to 5 dime size drops of SPEED on your choice of 3D foam pad and set polisher at 1200-1500 rpm. Work a 2′ x 2′ area at a time, with a slow to medium back and forth motion, using light to medium pressure. The slower you move the DA or rotary, the
more correction will be achieved. Wipe off SPEED with a clean microfiber towel.