Por-15 Rust Preventive Paint began over 40 years ago in the USA.

Its original purpose was to service the auto, military & motorbike markets. Since then its versatility & durability has seen it put to work in all sorts of areas, boats, trailers, homes, factories, helicopters, farms & mining equipment – the list goes on & on.

Wherever there is a need to protect against rust or corrosion or purely for its sheer durability POR-15 is the best product to use. POR-15 is so tough you can hit it with a hammer and do no damage. Yet it also has incredible flexibility & can withstand much twisting & bending without cracking.

Brushability – POR 15 will brush on leaving a spray like finish.

Durability- exceeds 2000 hour salt spray test.

Repels all fuels & oils, resistant to acids & alkalis.

Other POR-15 Products include, Fuel Tank Repair Kits,SW2 Protective Coat, Engine Enamel, High Temp Heat Paints & more.

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