Hempel-logoDarby’s Paints stock Hemple’s protective coatings in Geelong, Ballarat & Shepparton.

Hempel`s protective coatings cover a wide range of applications in the industrial world, from oil and gas and power generation to infrastructure and light industry. In short, whatever industry you’re working in, we can provide a coating solution for your needs.

Our protective coatings are found in almost every country in the world, protecting industrial structures and essential infrastructure from the corrosive forces of nature. With a wide product range and local R&D teams, we work with you to tailor each solution to meet the specific requirements of the environment and industry you operate in.

Marine – The professional yacht range

At Hempel, we have developed a complete range of coatings for yacht makers, from advanced antifouling coatings that use nanotechnology to reduce drag and fuel consumption to durable topcoats designed to maintain their shine for years.

Our coatings are produced to the highest standards and many use low-solvent solutions to reduce impact on the marine environment.

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