dna-logoDarby’s Paints stocks DNA Custom Paints in Geelong, Ballarat & Shepparton

Where your imagination can run wild for any custom paint finish you’re after!

DNA paints are full of life and creativity and incorporate modifications and alterations that take them far beyond the mainstream standard of other paints.

DNA paints are more alive and creative because they have altered and modified to make them stand out, be different and be noticed!

Airbrush waterbased & solvent paint

TRIDENT airbrush paint is a revolutionary new water based airbrush paint that provides premium performance and is a joy to paint with. It was designed with the highest expectations, with current standards of other water based paint being unacceptable, TRIDENT airbrush paint was to perform as well as any top performing urethane; and it does!

Airbrush BaZecoat™ offers sensational coverage and clean colors along with the ability to reduce right down for super fine airbrush nozzles and detail work. Airbrush BaZecoat™ can be cleared over for a final finish or used as a custom base coat for other DNA® products such as Candy ColorZ™, FlakeZ™ and much more!

Check out the huge range options that they’ve created at and see their range of terrific videos too.