Single Edge Razor Blades 

100pk, $14.00+



Masking Machine









Mixing Board


2 for $31.00+





Blow Gun Kit











Degreasing Cloths

Large absorption capacity to hold as much degreaser as possible. Suitable for water & solvent degreasers. Plush free, re-usable #FDC20

Box 200






Finixa Premium Masking Film

4.2 x 120mt




Finixa Dust Control

The original and most efficient formula for suppressing dust circulation inside a spray booth.  Dust Control ionises the dust so it is being drawn in clusters which makes it too heavy to circulate in the air. Biodegradable. One litre treats approximately 200m2 #FDC

5LT $53.63+

+ All prices are GST exclusive